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+1 for Outrun

Bitterly disappointing given the Amiga's potential, and proven capabilities in that genre like Lotus and the driving level of Batman.

The conspiracy theorist in me thinks they couldn't make it "as good as" the Arcade or why would kids go and dump coinage in the original?

Also they couldn't make it "better" than the master system perhaps?

But did they have to make it...THAT BAD?

Times have changed.
I had and LOVED Outrun Coast to Coast on my PS3.
One day I spotted the sit-down Arcade, and I swear, it was EXACTLY the same as the PS3 version.


Another pic for me is Chase HQ

From memory Chase HQ 2 (CSI) was an improvement.

Yep YouTube confirms it
[ Show youtube player ]

(Off topic: Had me a 300ZX for a while )
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