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Jim Power is probably the hardest Amiga game I've finished without cheatings. I really want to do it again, but I forgot most of the game, and it's really a huge memorization marathon

I've finished Flashback on HARD without using passwords or continues. I think that was a pretty nice achievement. I really loved that game, I finished it dozens of times.

Both Swiv and Silkworm. Funny that I actually think Apidya and Uridium 2 are the best shmups on the system, but I could never finish any of them. I don't like neither Swiv or Silkworm as much (But both are very good, solid games), and I finished both.

Is Speedball 2 considered hard? Back at the day, I remember I could beat the league, but not the Knockout mode. When I got an Amiga again 3-4 years ago, I played it again and could beat all the modes without any difficulty. And without any practice either, what I find really funny... years without playing it, I Just got the game and beat it without any problems, something I couldn't do back at the time.

Yo Joe is pretty easy, but I finished it on my FIRST try. "Ok, let's see what this game about" "Oh my God I finished it!". It was indeed incredibly easy. But it's a nice game.

One game I am *really* frustrated not finishing is The Chaos Engine. Even more because it's a game I feel EVERYONE managed to do it, it's like everyone I talk about it had actually finished it. But I could never beat the last level (4-4) Those homing energy balls always got the best of me. Always.

Recently I tried to play it again after years without touching it. Died AGAIN on 4-4 for the same homing energy stuff. (Still a freaking awesome game even after all those years).

Super Cars and Cannon Fodder are 2 games I find incredibly hard... Cannon Fodder specially ,the later levels are just bonkers.

I did finish Super Cars 2 on every level, does it count? I guess not, it's pretty easy

Seek and Destroy - very good, also played with brother in 2ply mode
I didn't remember a 2 players mode on this. I did finish it too, it wasn't too hard. I remember the weapon you start the game (I think it was the rockets) its all you need. The game has lots of different weapons, but the standard one was the easiest to use and very powerful anyay. No need for those homing air-to-air missiles or whatever.
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