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As promised, a major revision (v3.1) to FULL has been released (with a shortly thereafter release of v3.1.1 patch to roll back hard coding, see changelog).

Link below changelog.

Full CHANGELOG since initial release, for completeness:

Version 3.0 upwards adapted by KKR75 using Original v2.8 final Bloodwych's work.

	- Rolled back hardcoded "3.1.4" in Scalos top menu bar to original settings, as the way the scripts were originally written made it too difficult to maintain multiple versions of Scalos.prefs.
	  (just hardcode it yourself if you wish, under Scalos>Prefs>Titles in the dropdown menu, replacing %os with 3.1.4)

	- Updated full WHDLoad package to latest beta prerelease v18.4, across ALL WB versions. The reason I opted for the latest beta is because v18.3 introduced a few bugs with certain games that was remedied in v18.4
	- Removed stale ReadMe's and Guides in the 3.1.4 version only, pertaining to old deleted patches.
	- Deleted "LargeHD" directory from MyFiles in the 3.1.4 version only, as Large HDs are already supported in vanilla 3.1.4.
	- LoadModule updated to v45.15 across all WB versions as found in PeterK's IconLib 46.4, ReadMe's added to SYS:Locale/Help/System/
	- Revamped icon.library lib install and support files as follows:
		? For version 3.1.4, as it already supports all icon types:
			§ deleted entire original MyFiles/Install/Icons/ files, directories and scripts,  and added the IconLib-46.4.511 full package there.
			§ Updated SYS:Libs/icon.library to latest version 46.4.511
		? For version 3.1 and 3.0:
			§ Updated SYS:Libs/icon.library to latest version 46.4.511
			§ Updated MyFiles/Install/Icons/Enable/Libs/icon.library to version 46.4.511
			§ Added IconLib-46.4.511 full package directory to MyFiles/Install/Icons
			§ All original dirs and scripts inside MyFiles/Install/Icons were kept in place to preserve integrity
	- Hardcoded "3.1.4" next to "Amiga" in the Scalos top menu bar, to avoid seeing the ?.?  When using the %os flag. This hack is only for v3.1.4. The other versions still use %os.

	- Optimized script memory usage thanks to gulliver's suggestion. Full installation now uses 890KB Fast RAM.
	- Removed IconBeFast, StackAttack, BlazeWCP, PatchRAM and TagLiFe scripts / patches when using OS 3.1.4 only
	- Removed pointers to above patches in the Scalos pulldown menu, when using OS 3.1.4 only
	- Added support for latest PeterK's icon.library 46.4.511 (68020) across all ClassicWB FULL versions (3.0, 3.1, 3.1.4). This library file is now installed by default in LIBS: as well as in the MyFiles/Install/Icons/Enable/Libs folder

	- Cleaned up stale installation files across all WB versions (3.0, 3.1, 3.1Cloanto, 3.1.4).
	- Cloanto 3.1 had missing files installed (MagTape, mfm, postscript, BRU). FIXED.
	- Minor install script speed improvement

	- Cleaned up stale installation files
	- Support for Cloanto AmigaForever Workbench 3.1 Disk Installs

	- Initial updated release from original Bloodwych v2.8 final release, supporting new Workbench 3.1.4.
ClassicWB FULL v3.1.1 Update

I've tried my best to test these fixes across all versions. Let me know if you find anything strange.


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