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Originally posted by Mr.B
Hhum, nope, no go, um.. lets see, i think i did like this...

Run with the - thingy parameter, added the correct drive only, started with "WB3 - install" disk in df0 so far, no go, mounted idefix97, and reset the emu.. ran the finddevice thing, only option in the list is the uaehf.device so no problem there, still no drive shows, click in show all... and there it is, tell it to use, and thats it, dont show anywhere, still cant partition it or anything, ideas? am i a big pain in the backside? sorry if so...

Again, Great thanks.

Do you have another hdf or directory configured as hdd ? I've epxerienced that HDToolbox of OS3.1 and below only sees the first hdd in the list.
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