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Big grin SCSI2SD v6 and large drives

Hi folks.

I've been sitting here playing with my new SCSI2SD v6 and I really like it. But unfortunately not everything is rosy in regards to utilizing a 32 GB Sandisk Extreme card.

A bug in the USB interface made a hard limit of 4 GB across drives. That has been fixed and I bet the new firmware will be released soon.

I'm happy ....

My setup is as follows:

Amiga 2000
Oktagon 2008 Rev. 7 controller (with no memory added and OctaPussy driver saved in RDB)
Commodore A2091 (with 2 MB memory)
Gotek Floppy drive as DF0:
Normal Amiga floppy drive as DF1:
32 GB Sandisk Extreme SD card
SCSI2SD V6 firmware 6.1.4
Workbench 3.1.4 (using the ROM on WinUAE and LoadModule on the A2000)
FastFileSystem 46.13 on all drives (no long filenames with DH0
Using WinUAE 4.0.1 (2018.07.16) 64-Bit for the PC part of the setup.

The brilliant thing is when the SD card has been setup on the Amiga 2000, then I can directly attach all three 'physical' drives via WinUAE and boot my configuration there and setup some of the heavier stuff where performance is better. Just by shutting off the A2000 and connectiong the USB cable to my PC, running WinUAE with administrative rights I can see all three drives with RDB.

Large drive definition:

WinUAE HD setup:

Oktagon WinUAE setup:

I cannot use the OctaPussy ROM file withing WinUAE - no drives are shown, so I still use the 6.12 ROM file and the RDB driver takes care of the update.

Drives after they're corrupted:

PFS3AIO Error when copying:


1st SCSI Drive Unit 0:
DH0: 1024 MB (Direct SCSI Transfer ON, Identifier: 0x444F5303, Mask: 0xFFFFFE, MaxTransfer: 0xFFFFFF)
Status: Works well

2nd SCSI Drive Unit 1:

3rd SCSI Drive Unit 2:
DH1: 2044 MB (Direct SCSI Transfer ON, Identifier: 0x50445303, Mask: 0x7FFFFFE, MaxTransfer: 0xFFFFFF)
Status: Works well

4th SCSI Drive Unit 3:
DH2, DH3 and DH4 split up in the 26 GB space, tried one big partition as well, and tried PFS3AIO (latest version). Everything eventually gave me issues.
Status: Wonky

HDD Report from my Amiga 2000:

The SCSI2SD utility has been used to setup the options according to another thread here at the board and it works.

So every time I try to copy something onto the large drive of any substantial size (a lot of WHDLoad stuff) I suddenly get errors and the drives disappear. When I tried PFS3AIO I got several out of bounds messages and the drive would then be corrupt. I had to save the drive definitions onto the drive again, repartition and try again. So far no luck. It seems I'm hitting a barrier at some point (4 GB?) and when I partitioned the drive into 3 partitions, the last drive would cease to work entirely.

The reason for the 3 partitions on the large drive with FastFileSystem is that it cannot validate the drive when I'm using it as one big partition - ran out of memory. PFS3AIO gets around that issue but is has the same fundamental problems with my setup.

Can anyone here see what I'm missing to get this to work?

I'll happily supply more information if needed.


EDIT: Added PFS3 error image and HDD Report.

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