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Originally Posted by roc View Post
Hi Aladin,
The generickick 13 works just fine when launching a single cracktro with the CUSTOM=IntroName, however I couldn't find a way to launch the startup-sequence with the following three commands:
- setmaps oks
- border off
- type s/menu

Any advise?
Simply add these commands in the source and use _LVOExecute (dos.library) to run them. This requires the "run" command, copy it to the "c" directory if it isn't already there.

; a6: DOSBase
    pea    cmd_setmap(pc)
    move.l    (a7)+,d1
    moveq    #0,d2        ; no input
    moveq    #0,d3        ; no output either
    jsr    _LVOExecute(a6)


cmd_setmap    dc.b    "setmap oks",0
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