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Thanks so much for the positive words!
I had a BLAST doing the artwork for the box-art.
I have been working on a poster design that will be included as a large print in all boxed copies of the game, this artwork is currently being adapted for the packaging and also the CD and floppy disk.

Currently though I am resting up after being diagnosed with a D.V.T in my leg (deep vein thrombosis, or a nasty blood clot). I have to take it easy or it could become more serious, so i have been signed off work for a little while, which kind of allows me to work a little on the game but wow, these things are painful and hopeful it won't be with me for much longer.

In the meantime I know some people mentioned they wanted to donate to the development of the game and so I have added a 'Support' button to the website, Paypal powered, I am always uncomfortable about such things but I will ensure all donators (who donate before release, obviously) will get credits/thanks in the game.

In the meantime, here is the poster art (I am still working on a logo for 11th Hour Games, our new name).

Thanks again for the kind and positive comments!

...more to come...

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