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assembly code to test for assign (2.0+)

I have this code to test for an assign. Ex: pass a pointer on "T:" in D0 and it returns 0 if not found

    move.l    _DosBase,A6
   move.l	D0,D5
    JSRLIB    LockDosList
    move.l    D0,D6        ; head of dos list

    ; search in the list
    move.l    D5,D2
    move.l    #LDF_READ|LDF_WRITE,D3    ; flags
    move.l    D6,D1
    JSRLIB    FindDosEntry

    move.l    D0,D4            ; return

    ; unlock dos list

    move.l    #LDF_READ|LDF_WRITE,D1    ; flags
    JSRLIB    UnLockDosList

    move.l    D4,D0            ; NULL: not found
The issue with that code (took me a while to narrow it down) is that using it randomly locks my application on system calls like Read or Lock...

Someone knows why? I'd like to keep that code, but if I have to get rid of it and replace by a "Lock" I'll do it (since my app switches the requesters off, I suppose it won't be an issue)

Edit: replacing the flags by just
move.l    #LDF_READ,D1
fixes the lock but not sure if the test works in that case

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