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A tricky MC68030 question =)

Hello my fellow EAB'ers

Thanks for reading this post - I am currently struggling to find information on a specific variant of the MC68030FE - specifically the (E) variant ( MC68030FE25E ) - sadly no matter how hard I try, I cannot find this package variant in PDF data sheet I have managed to download.

I have data sheets for the B and C variants (MC68030FE25B and MC68030FE25C respectively) - sadly still no (E). While I have contacted NXP (Freescale) sadly they are taking an age in response it seems - so I thought I would ask the multitude of members here if they know anything about this particular variant.

So if you have an (E) variant running in your Amiga or know of the difference or full PDF specification sheet - please remember 'ol Zetr0's question and poke up a post

Now just clue those that found this title interesting (oh boy you could get bored here) but indeed there are some specific specifiers for the MC68030 range of CPU's

Here is how the convention of the Motorola 68k series family breaks down - MC68EC030FE25B

MC ( Fully Certified )
XC ( Engineering Sample and or Pilot Production)*
*this is sometimes refereed to as PC on other families of Motorola CPU's*

You then have the core which is 68 for 68000 / 68k

You then have die features :
(with the feature suffix omitted it is a full complete core of the CPU e.g. 030)

68' is a full core of features
68EC' (Embedded Controller) is without the MMU*
68LC' is found on 040 and 060 based CPU's these do not have an internal MMU or internal FPU

*but retains a 32bit address-bus (unlike the EC020 which is reduced to a 24 bit address-bus)

The next specifier is the CPU revision in this case the 030 which is the third iteration of the 68k series which is a minor update of the 020 core but includes an MMU

You then have the package of the IC :

RC - Ceramic PGA - Au/Pb finish (Mmmmm sooo pretty.... )
RP - Plastic PGA
FE - Quad Flat Package
FG - Thin Quad Flat Package (TQFP RE: EC020 on the A1200)

You then have the Frequency Rating (in MHz)

16 = 16MHz
25 = 25MHz
33 = 33MHz and so on.

Finally you then have the revision in alpha based letters :
(with the revision letter omitted it is an original revision 030)

B - First revision
C - Second revision
D - (Assumption) Third revision
E - (Assumption) Fourth revision

Sadly I can only seem to find information about the first B and C revisions, I have not seen a revision 'D' in the wild or on the net, however I have found revision 'E' - while these are the same number of pins (leads) I am unsure if it is 100% pin compatible, as such I am weary of this revision and if it would work as a replacement for a revision 'B' or 'C'.

So if anyone knows or has seen a revision 'E' variant working in any Amiga equipment or has a specification sheet about the particular revisions that they would share - I would be in your debt =)

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