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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
This thread is dedicated to RCK. I've only been here since 2001 ( ), others have been here longer.

For the most part EAB has been a great place to be, and I can't quite believe that from tomorrow, i've been here nearly 16 years!!

So I just want to say thanks RCK for having the imagination to create a place like EAB, and all this time later, still here.

Great call mate.....hear, hear!

I arrived here a couple of months after you in 2001 after being invited here by Codetapper (IIRC he said there would be free sex 'n' beer with every registration - there wasn't!) The real surprise was that it ended up being almost as good as all that and the magic of EAB hasn't really faded all these years later.

No doubt, being recruited into the HOL team within a year of arriving here (as well as AMR down the track) - and giving me an outlet for my Ami passion - has had a good deal to do with that, even when I haven't been terribly active here on EAB. Obviously, none of that would have transpired without RCK's generous hosting of EAB, HOL, AMR and all the other abime projects!

Long live RCK and EAB (and HOL + AMR etc. etc.)........
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