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Originally Posted by DemosongIHunter View Post
Hi, thank you but the LSD disk has the 8-channel soundtracker, but the only song on it is something that doesn't even load on the 8-channel soundtracker. I find this quite odd, because it's in the native songs folder.

Have you tried any of these programs yourself?
tested just Voices_8 - the song failed to load.
this song on the lsd disk also fails to load with octalyzer.

but look what i wrote about Oktalyzer in the "mods with voives" thread:
Originally Posted by DemosongIHunter View Post
Oh hi Sune, please please please can you show me where to get the version of Oktalyzer that has "DemoSongI" on it?
Oktalyzer you can find on the ftp.
Oktalyzer v1.53 (1991)(Verlag Mayer)(Disk 1 of 4)[cr EP].zip comes with
"tar-demo-song1" but it sounds different, but there are more songs on those disks.

Oktalyzer v1.1 (1989)(Verlag Mayer)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr Maksoft Group].zip comes with "demosong1"
but still not sure it is the right one - i cannot hear the vocals the songs uses only 6 voices:/
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