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just seen this thread,

few weeks ago i got my hands on some disks named "Great Britain Scenery Collection" there are 3 disks, copyright 1991 sublogic
i got only the 3 disks, no manual or Box
i was wondering if someone know more about it?
disks zoned

lack of time and lazy with scanning, but i will scan the disks soon...

@niobyte: do you mean with standalone that the disk not need FS2 main disk?
i only know and own the "scenery disk 13 japan" to load after main disk

quick test:
my Japan Scenery Disk (Disk Number AM-SD13) needs FS2
my Western European Tour Scenery Disk (Disk Number AM-SD14) dont need FS2 main disk
but both instructions explain how to load a scenery disk after FS2 main disk
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