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@Comraider thanks a lot for your comments. Also welcome to EAB.

Well, with MorpheuZ you can use the "Visual Themes" option and then select the "Classic Themes" one, as the "24bit Themes" changes the system to AfAOS.

You can not get such a wide top bar without AfAOS (the VisualPrefs Gui pref is setted at 10, the max) -Edit: I will look anyway into that-, but you can change the bars look and use some nice ones (select the one that you like more).

There is somekind of AfAOS emulated theme for Birdie, it's the one I made and called "HipClone". If you've used a 24bit Theme before, you should change the AmiStart image (that's the image you see on the top bar left corner that opens a dock when you click on it). When you use a 24bit theme, they include their respective AmiStart images.

So, to change the AmiStart image you have to make a Ctrl+Right Click over the image and then select Close, then make a left and then right click on screen and select "Buttons" and then select "Start Menu" and then select the "Magellan_bar_Logo_256Colors" for example. Finally close all of the opened windows you've got on screen, make a right click on screen and select "Save Layout". Not all of the Visual Themes look right with RTG but only with AGA.

Edit: Now that I'm posting... In the next update I will include "CoolCalc". But I've seen it has a problem with MUI5 and the MinStack by PeterK in the S-S that doesn't happen with StackAttack that I've got dissabled there.
I hate to be changing the Startup-Sequence as I know that you and me change it to include our own settings there.

So? Cyberhead97 has helped me (thanks a lot) and the next update script will change your Startup-Sequence just editing that part only. It will make a backup first just in case, but as I say it will "edit it", it won't touch your changes.
Edit: Well, that in the case that MUIAsl isn't reimplented before my update, so I can keep MinStack in the S-S.

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