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The newer option on WBStartup/Disabled/New_AmiStart will use the newer AmiStart version from AmiKit X for RTG or AfA, but it will keep using (it's a script and makes what I like ) an old version for AGA. It wasn't easy to run this program that wasn't thought for AGA in the past, but I can keep using the new icons with that version and some changes. Well, of course it wont be showing the running processes in the bar like the new Amistart does.

I shouldn't show this image, as AmiStart isn't at all a good dock for a real AGA miggy as it's slow there, but I like to show that it can work there too in my distro.

This is with a small screen and using 16 colors. Yes, you can see that you don't have room for anything. AmiStart is thought for a larger screeen.

Anyway I wanted to show it:

Edit: Another thing: Yes, you always see a screen FULL of things, always. Like FOUR docks or FOUR clocks at the same time, and then someone can obviously say... Hey, I don't like that system full of chimes and dingles !

Come on, don't be ... I show ALL that you can use, what else would I show, just an image of the WBStartup/Disabled drawer? Post four posts/post four screenshots for every single option? The thing is that it can run all of these things at the same time.

Edit: New video with more options for MorpheuZ:

[ Show youtube player ]

And a note: Do not wait for my update to try all of the things that AmiKit X offers. I will only add a couple and that will be in some months. Please support AmiKit X as it supports my version.

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