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you really think I don't know how to extract files from a trackloader diskimage? It's just that I didn't take the time to do it. I'm not asking Stingray to do my work.

I just don't to spend 8 hours doing something when the program already works / can be fixed. On this report, some say it's working some say it doesn't.

history from 2014 (last release):

- fixed crash after save in the french version when clicking on the planet
(warning: french version still has the intro bug, see notes below)

so AFAIK there's no other issue (the other thread ends with "copied the disk.4, seems to be ok")

So yes, quitting by powering off the amiga after saving may not save. You have to quit whdload. That's not a specific issue. Are there any users with issues? @tolkien waiting for your report & files.
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