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Originally Posted by pintcat View Post
Using LIST to create and append a list of files to the TAR command line is a good idea. I played around a little with different LIST options and it worked well for files and folders.
Now I'm trying to write a script which enables you to put a list of file and folder names (with or without place holders) and then calls TAR to archive all given files. Using LIST here in a script for file name dumping is a bit tricky, because if the given name is a folder and no place holder is used, it puts the whole content of the folder instead of the folder name itself. Example:
Assuming there is a folder called "DirName",
...would simply put "DirName" as result. On the other hand...
...would of course put DirName's content which, if appended to the TAR command line, would cause lots of "file not found" errors. I honestly doubt that there's a way to force LIST to put a folder's name rather than it's content.

You can surround the name with brackets to make it always be a wildcard.

LIST (DirName) will just print DirName if it exists, no matter if it is a file or a directory.

However, it will not fail if DirName does not exist. LIST DirName will return an error if it does not exist.

LIST (DirName#?) will work as before (list all entries which begin with DirName).
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