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Poll: package with included /usr/sbin/tar or have master package + /usr/local/bin/tar

In my various experimentations I've run into a bit of a problem with our tools... I realized today I must have packaged everything with tar 1.14 off the site instead of the native SVR4 tar, which means nothing would uncompress in a stock AMIX install unless tar 1.14 was installed beforehand. Thus this poll.

I can repackage everything using the native tar, but you still have the problem of lack of gzip. If I go this way, the amix-postinstall package will include gzip with it and will be a tar, not a tar.gz. I'm not going the cpio or zoo way just because I'm not much of a fan of those, and 95% of us are more familiar with tar.gz. Not using bzip2 either because just slow on m68k.

The other way to do this is to have a compulsory postinstall package, once again created using native tar, which then installs gzip and tar 1.14 so you can then deal with the rest of the pkgs. Makes for a bigger amix-postinstall but who cares?

All of this is temporary anyway, if I get somewhere with getting a tape together.

I'm not including gtar from the public system package because I want this to work in a minimal install, like core + net.

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