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Originally Posted by zenowik View Post
well. palette was okay once i set bitplane order to 12345678 but maptapper should do that automatically for me, i did save my IK settings in maptapper with good palette but after opening settings again it did not had good palette and i had to do it again myself.
Thats weird why gfxrip has mode thats misleading and i wasted so much time trying to get ST sprites wow, it should be removed.
By the way is it possible to insert savestate from atari st to maptapper? id like to rip some sprites from atari st but i dont know where to get savestates.
I know almost nothing about Atari ST savestates (what emulator are you even talking about?) and would need documentation about the format to be able to support them. If someone else does the research for me I might be able to put it in but if someone just sends me a link to an emulator then it won't happen.
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