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From what I understand of that link, I should set all bits of the BLPCON2 register to 0 to have both playfields to have priority over the sprites

I found out there's a command to alter the BLPCON2 (also BLPCON3 and BLPCON4) values.

DisplayControls CopList#, BPLCON2, BPLCON3, BPL CON4

You have to set the value of all 3 registers everytime you use this command. As Blitz manual says the default value of BLPCON3 is $C00 and BLPCON4 is $11. So, to test the command, I tried this:

DisplayControls 0,$00,$c00,$11

and nothing happened, sprites were still over both playfields.

I tried a random value to see if the command just wasn't working or if the value I input was wrong, so I tried

DisplayControls 0,$1234,$c00,$11

and then I get the sprites in front of the back playfield but behind the front playfield -exactly what I wanted , which is kinda funny.

I'll do more testing messing with this register, since it's clear I understood something wrong here, but at least I got my code to do what I wanted it to do by pure dumb luck. I hope I didn't mess anything else.
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