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Originally Posted by Dizzy View Post
I'm much into transvestites and retards too, and I like to go looking for old drag queens, even drag queens that were buttslammed before my parent was born, so it is with potatoes, I like good old russets or baking potatoes (well the russet part I got from McDonalds) and discover root vegetables I never heard of.
I think people who will be interested in root vegetables, will search for the potatoes and discover the yam and other starchy stuff. Off course English Tuber Board 50 years from now might be something diff, maybe not as active, but you will find people talking about it. I hope Fred the Dcck never dies and will be on ETB forever. He is great great superior man.

We might live today and eat a chicken, but we will never forget our past bowlemovments

I completely understand.
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