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Odd screen-sizing issue at 1920x1080

Hey guys,

I'm having a strange screen sizing issue when trying to run FS-UAE at 1080p and wondering if anyone has seen similar.

I'm using an AMD APU with the latest beta drivers (March 15) from the AMD website.

When I try and run either FS-UAE or the FS-UAE Arcade at a 1920x1080 resolution, it's as if the whole screen is zoomed in too far and there's a lot cut off. This isn't just the Amiga screen, but the whole thing. If I bring up the overlay for example, the right-part of it is cut off. It's as if the whole SDL surface is too big.

I've tried various combinations of fullscreen_mode settings; anything using a 1920x1080 width & height setting shows this problem.

I can workaround it by forcing the resolution lower; fullscreen_mode=window, fullscren_width=1280, fullscreen_width=720 runs FS-UAE with 1280x720 resolution and it works, but messes up the scanline shader because of the scaling. I can't get a workaround for FS-UAE Arcade though and parts of the screen are permanently cut off.

Even explicitly specifying fullscreen_width=1920, fullscreen_height=1080 doesn't fix it.

This happens with both the 2.4.1 stable version and 2.5.1dev. Anyone else seen it?
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