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FS: A2000 w/HDD, 3MB RAM, Scan Doubler, Mouse & Keyboard Adapter

NTSC/120V Amiga 2000 w/ HDD, 3MB RAM, Scan Doubler, Mouse & PS/2 Keyboard Adapter

1x Commodore A2000 Computer (rev. 6.2, ROM 2.04) w/ 1MB Chip RAM
1x Commodore A2091 SCSI Controller w/ 48MB Seagate ST157N HDD & 2MB Fast RAM
1x Microway AGA-2000 Flicker Fixer (aka Scan Doubler, NTSC version)
1x 9-pin D-sub Male to 15-pin D-Sub Female (VGA) Adapter
1x Mr. Hardware MRHK-1D PS/2 Keyboard Adapter
1x 5-pin Mini-DIN Female to 5-pin DIN Male adapter
1x SpeedMouse Amiga/Atari Mouse (switchable)
1x Power Cord

Ships to USA and Canada.
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