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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

If ever there was a movie made for 13-year-olds, it's this one. It's clearly PG-13 as people have apparently zero blood flowing in them, it's just one big testosterone-driven crapfest and it has bombastic music that just doesn't fit the genre - at all. So its flashy and noisy - check. Made for teenagers, all it's missing is an awkward sex scene where you only see someone's back.

At it's heart it's a Guy Ritchie movie, a guy who's work I normally enjoy a lot. It has the really fast editing and a few of the really cool dialogue scenes that make Snatch, Sherlock Holmes and Rock 'N Rolla such classics. After the annoying CGI-spectacle-fest opening I was treated to some really good scenes which gave me hope. Alas, they went as quickly as they came and the movie switched to the usual 'guys running around fighting stuff and shouting at each other for extended periods of time' when there is no real story to tell. And there is no story to tell.

Probably the movie's biggest failing is that it had a huge budget which has been put to use on large CGI scenes, wide angle shots of the (gorgeous) surroundings and expensive actors. The actors are really great too and I would love to see them together in a better movie, but alas in this they're simply wasted. Their characters just are there to be there, they don't get any kind of development nor do you get to really know and like them. Just... bad storytelling across the board.

A really mediocre movie, unfortunately. But worth a watch on a rainy day I if you switch off your brain and just look at the really pretty moving pictures.

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