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I know its not the same thing.
But you could still emulate a Toccata and use that to record sound on the amiga side.
Worked for me but records only in 8bit(mono/stereo) and 16bit(µLaw) @ 48KHz. Anything else failed on playback.
BUT, no snaps no Pops, and not a big deal as there are many tools to convert it to something tracker friendly.

All you have to do is setup a source like the "what I hear"(wave source) in Windows.
Start a music player with sounds to sample.
Now start the Workbench, install the toccata software and record whatever you like.
As record source for Toccata I selected MIX.

Use the mediakeys on the keyboard to controll the windows player from within the emu.
You could even record the Amiga sound itself, as long as whatever you play is not messing with the multitasking.
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