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Might as well ask for support of Win3.11.... without Win32s :/

For real.... if you can't run the latest WinUAE on your outdated OS, switch to Linux and use E-UAE. (I'll recommend Ubuntu... or, for the sake of some extra speed and less eyecandy, Xubuntu).

But seriously. I don't think Toni nor anyone else would like to drop Win7 support by rolling back to VS2007 (or earlier) just to support an OS that is no longer supported, and even less sold. Besides, the multimedia capabilities of Win2k was (and is) very very limited. Can't even run World of Warcraft without first rolling back your gfx-drivers to something extremely buggy and you'll also drop GeForce6 and newer support with those drivers.

So upgrade your computer and your OS, or use Linux with the XFCE WM and run E-UAE (or even P-UAE)
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