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Here we go again with pointless comparison with the X68000 that was at least 5 time more expensive than the Amiga (3000$ VS 700$ for the A500. Even the A1000 in 1985 was released 2 years before at a price that was twice inferior : 1 300$).

I just don't understand why this hudge difference seems to be completely obliterated by people constantly comparing the 2 systems. I don't know for other system but is there also people comparing the first Macintosh or the Macintosh plus with the X68000 ? Because the price range for the Mac is much more closer to the X68000. And the Atari ST ? Does people compare this machine and it inexistent hardware sprite abilities with the X68000 ?

For a system that was 5 time cheaper, keep being compared to the beast that was the X68000 maybe prove that the Amiga wasn't such a big shitty machine like we can read here and there.

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