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Wow! I hope you get to catch some sleep every now and then Applied the update to my A1200 Gotek, did a test run and it works perfectly.

Your firmware has now reached the point where it becomes incredibly useful! Not having to launch the file selector to re-assign disk images to slots every time - and the ability to add or remove files from the USB stick without reboot makes it so much more user-friendly. Simply awesome!!

But .. one remaining issue I noticed with the A1200 is, that the internal CF hard disk drive initializes faster than the Gotek disk drive, so it boots the installed Workbench before the Floppy image could launch. I don't know if the HDD boot could be delayed or something, but doing a soft-reset will launch the floppy on the second attempt.

Thank You, kaffer, for all your hard work!

EDIT: Now it's my time to get a pair of those 1602 lcd displays and figure out a way to add them w/o modifying the case ..

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