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Originally Posted by SunSpire View Post
Hmm, a few things are still unclear to me (and maybe to others?)

I have placed FF_Gotek-v0.3.0a.upd into the USB stick's root and updated via pressing and holding both Gotek buttons during power on, success!

When I try the same with FF_Gotek-Reloader-v0.3.0a.upd the Amiga gets stuck at the hand/disk screen and the Gotek's green LED blinks continously but only very dimly. Removing or inserting the stick or pressing any buttons has no effect at all.

What is FF_Gotek-Bootloader-v0.3.0a.rld and how is it used?

So reflashing the v0.3.0a.upd gets me back into the file selector, it currently states v0.3.0a as the firmware while fileselector is still v0.1a

Am I missing anything here or am I good to go?

Oh, and it seems that updating to the latest FW via Gotek buttons is only possible when AUTOBOOT.HFE is still present on the stick, I thought I'd mention this since the patched file is not easily available anymore since you updated your google drive link (and it's not in there!) Luckily I had a backup copy on my HDD.
The reloader stuff is just for reflashing the bootloader. You don't normally need to do that at all -- just update the main firmware. You would only update the bootloader to get new features and bugfixes for it (but they are going to be rare). The way it works is:
1. FF-Gotek_Reloader*.UPD is a replacement for the main firmware. Its sole purpose is to overwrite the bootloader with a *.RLD file. Once you have upadted to this UPD file your Gotek no longer operates as a floppy drive.
2. So now you update the bootloader with the *.RLD file. Now your Gotek has the latest bootloader. Yay!.
3. Now to make the Gotek be a floppy drive again, you need to run the new bootloader with the usual FF-Gotek*.UPD file. So you do that. And now your Gotek has the latest bootloader and the latest main firmware.

Anyway you are correct that if the selector software reports version as v0.3.0a then you are done. No problem.

I did forget to put the Amiga subfolder in the release archive. I will do that now. By the way the main source for releases now is the Github releases page:

And you do *not* need AUTOBOOT.HFE on your USB stick to be able to do an update with the *.UPD file. The bootloader only looks for and opens one file, pattern FF_Gotek*.UPD.
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