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Iridium - shmup development thread

Iridium is primarily a horizontal scrolling shoot em up (due to the size of the levels there is some up and down movement). It's loosely based on Uridium but with a generous sprinkling of extras from other great games such as Xenon2 (out rigs / shop) and Nemesis (orbs / lasers).

It has been in development off and on (around real work) for a while now. This is the second version as it looks nothing like the pictures on my web site as that version just didn't quite work (due to needing to see ahead further). This may be developed again at a later date

Originally it was just me (code/design) and Invent (artist) but now we have been joined by Akira

Due to the amount of graphics, levels and general added extras at best its going to be a Christmas 2017 / Spring 2018 release (Steam Direct)

Click image for larger version

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