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Originally Posted by alkis View Post
change is marked red.
this did the trick.
maybe we should write a bug report to newtek, for their pluginio.c code

while melt does work ok, there is not a single pixel moving in Ooze mode.

#1) i've managed to build the win32 version with MSVC6 and
cl.exe using original c++ src code, just changing:
//	istrstream istr(cInBuf, 64);
	std::istringstream istr(cInBuf, 64);
//	ostrstream ostr(cOutBuf, 64);
	std::ostringstream ostr(cOutBuf, 64);
it does work the same way, as the amiga version.
melt does work well, while ooze does nothing,
maybe it needs some experimenting with the values.

so for now i'd say, goo is done.

thanks again alkis

ps: is HiSOFT C++ 4.0 any good?

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