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Originally Posted by alkis View Post
don't throw several new things at once. One thing at a time. Does load/save now work?
i cannot say for sure.

just to explain a bit:
there are differnt types of plugins, for example: Surface shader, Image Shader

blinker is a Surface shader - it's settings will be saved with the object file, you apply the plugin to.
it manipulates some surface settings.

VidLines - is a Image shader, it draws some tv look-alike lines on the image,
in the very last step of a rendering.
the Image Shader settings will be stored in the scene file.

#1) just tested the fader plugin ( based on Blinker ) is surface plugin,
this one does store and read ( save/load) the settings from the manipulated object.

so your load/save routine does work with object files.

so maybe it is somehow different if the plugin has to save the setings in the scene file.

#2) if there is a difference, then we would see it in the original c++ source code.
there seems nothing to hint on the IOMODE ( object vs scene)

in lwran.h - also in the old 5.0 version,
LWLoadState/ LWSaveState structs lists a ioMODE member.

not sure if it is of any importance.

#3) take a look at lod.c - this plugin does write settings to scene files.
and it does some IOMODE magic with sprintf .

LOD Level Of Detail -> uses different objects dependent of the distance to the camera eye.

in the scene file it look like this:
Plugin ObjReplacementHandler 1 LOD
this of course differs from other plugins.

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