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Originally Posted by alkis View Post
It's not mandatory.
They are saving strings with spaces in between. My proposal saves (and loads) raw structure data. If blinkc.c works, I can't see how this technique won't work here.
thats what i ask myself.

in one plugin the author fixed a space in the "save" function - it didnt work before,
i so i got that "info" from

#1) in lwran.h there is a LWIO_SCENE and LWIO_OBJECT mode.
and i found a support file for the layout load/save operations.
header file is at the end of the c file.

they deal with LWIO_ modes

LWIO_OBJECT mode: (*lState->read) (lState->readData, (char *) &len, 1);
LWIO_SCENE mode: (*lState->read) (lState->readData, str, maxStr);

#2) btw. i've uploaded the Lightwave SDK 5.6 to the ftp, it comes with html docs.
it lists compatibility of funtions for version 4.0 and 5.0.
much more info compared to the tiny standard sdk.

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