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Originally Posted by Cpt. Hindsight View Post
What the heck went wrong at Datastorm 2017 a few days ago that The Shores of Reflection didn't win the demo competition?
I understand what you mean, and agree to a certain extent. Despite Shape's demo being stylistically the best all round (and one of the best looking and sounding demos of late IMO), it doesn't seem very pushing tech-wise, and the TRIAD demo has more "coder pr0n" in it. Let's remember the demoscene usually puts code prowess over anything else, and although TRIAD's demo doesn't do anything mindbending, it has some more trickery.

For me, what "killed" the Shape demo is that it lacks a little bit of cohesiveness. The TRIAD demo has those smooth transitions between scenes that the scene takes as "standard" now, and having more than one tune on the Shape demo doesn't help with it being cohesive. The TRIAD demo runs with a theme throughout rather solidly, while the Shape demo fails a bit to make "sense" with the minimal narrative it is trying to convey.

Ah I went on a rant! To me both demos are top material, but agree with you that I veer towards favoring the Shape demo (Archmage's art is always amazing, and that Linus tune in the middle part is one of the best SID tunes I heard in years).

Rant over ;P
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