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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Hey Peter,

Just out of interest, how exactly are you going about that task?
It's a slow and painful process! I only have the basics to do this but it's seems to work... I use a Sony VCR connected via RGB Scart to my Sony DVD/Hard Drive/Freeview Recorder - I can record onto the hard drive anything that is playing on the VCR - the scart cable goes out the VCR and into the scart in on the Recorder. It's displayed on the telly if you get all your cables right so you can watch what you are doing. Once I have the video material onto the hard drive I then "dub it" to a standard DVD disk which is playable on all DVD players. To get the DVD into an AVI format I use the PC to convert the DVD files via a piece of software called "Auto Gordian Knot V2.40" - it takes ages (my PC isn't fast either!)

The whole process from start to finish takes absolutely ages but if you take a look at the Clarissa AVI. it comes out ok quality wise.

It's a bit of a headache though as the Scart cables are not set up like this as standard between all the machines so it's get behind the telly time every time I do a video...!

There could be an easier way but I have yet to find it and it's a bit of a "if it ain't broke don't fix it routine" to be honest. Bit of fun though :-)
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