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Originally Posted by Eclipse View Post
I'll pull a leg up and check what they are (this is an electronics term and not pervy).

OK, an early version of the expansion can be seen here:

Mine is the Amram-X, and here are two 3.5MB jpegs of it:


There's no 74x logic on it, but a chip I cannot identify (OKI M62X42B).

- battery, resistors and caps removed
- small leakage oxydized tracks near battery: thoroughly scraped and cleaned tracks then applied nail polish where open
- checked for other visible leak damage: none
- left all button caps, two diodes, the unident OKI chip and these three narrow, black plastic wrapped... things

The switch was soldered directly onto the board and looked really bad (bent, dirty and greasy). Continuity test showed it was ON in both positions. Removed it, cleaned the gooey mess and soldered temporary leads for testing.
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