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Im not sure if this bug is known, so ill put it here before beta turns final Workbench screen seems to have a display issue when used with cycle exact and a hd attached. Its not a new bug as its been around a while, but ill go back through past betas if need be. I just needed to take the time to test more configs to make sure its reproducable before reporting.

Kick 1.3/Wb1.3 seems unaffected. Kick 2/wb2 and kick3/wb3 show the issue. once Wb has loaded and opening some windows, you have to move the mouse up and down the screen to draw the lines. This is with an a500/a600 type config (000/ce), and (020/ce) A1200 config.

Same happens when booting the wb floppies, but only if HD is active. Doesnt happen if booting the install disk for instance before a hd is setup.

Hopefully theres enough there to go on to reproduce it.
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