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Originally Posted by Photon View Post

Exaggerated, yes, but true.
I whole heartily disagree (about the "true" thing, exaggerated it surely is).

many just make old stuff run on new Amigas and we who don't have the latest 68060 Amigas or, in my case, prefer OCS style, are left with 'run OCS stuff on AGA with accel or be damned'. :S
"just" making stuff run on newer Amigas is often a lot of work. 68000/A500 is one thing, 680x0 Amigas a completely different one. Often it is impossible to avoid slowdowns on non-68000 systems for the demo/game to work correctly. So you have 2 choices: Either watch it on 68000 only(!) or watch it on 680x0 where it might run a little slower than intended but at least it runs. What's better?
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