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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Don't know of which early days you are speaking. When I was writing intros for the Amiga (almost 20 years ago, the real early days), ...
Speaking about 1986-89. Many early small (boot)intros (e.g. HQC) use a normal graphics.library system-friendly bitmap and rastport with Move(), Text(), Draw(), etc. (some with the mentioned 60/80-chars problem mentioned by Toni), many bigger intros used diskfont.library with system-, later own bitmap-fonts and simple copper-bars (look for HQC-CruncherFactory.lha, HQC-GuildOfTheves.lha, Megaforce-CrCrazyCars.lha, RCAP-CrSpaceRacer.adf, etc.).

A during development of above method created onefile version of HQC-CruncherFactory can be found at

Got my first Amiga in 1986, C-Monitor was my "programming tool" at that time, Kuma Seka Assembler from Andelos (in a RAW: window!) was next, a big step after C-Mon, later I bought ASM-One 1.02, ...
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