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i disagree about OT getting back inside... scratch it, it's not that's outside, it's just not reported in the today/new posts.

if you admit in not checking the OT section already, being what it is, and say you would like to have it brought back in the rest of the board, you are practically stating you would like it to be something different in substance from what it is.

but you cannot stear that to your taste, being OT, de facto, defined by whatever it is but what is pertinent to Amiga.

there are mods that check it from time to time and the point is that being them not much interested into it, it goes sometime on with a the stupid shit you mention.

one could argue that hardly the mods have anyway the time to read every single post in the in topic sections already of the board. that's the reason why it was implemented the "report post" function, that, imho, worked very well since its start and in the last two days too.

what's else to say? the people using each part of the board are, per agreement, bound to moderate themselves what they post. that doesn't change with the OT being still hosted by EAB. i don't want to patronize anyone, but what i saw today was disgusting. i bet there are way better use to one's time.

is there need for a moderator in OT too? that borders the stupidity, imho. why one should decide to sign in on a specialistic (more or less) board and be berated in having to read everything that is not that particular stuff he signed on in first place?

the trash that was there yesterday, i'm not sure about the legality of that, even, was and is in general, trash that i do not want to see ever, and if the chance happen that someone has a so poor judgement to posting it, i prefer it does not appear, before being eventualy deleted, in the more read part of the board.

and, being the OT out of topic, i don't see the reason it should take more place in the board.
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