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Amiga Docs Disk Preservation Project


During the past, Docs Disks have been made by differents amiga groups. Most of them contain manuals for commercial games, programs or even books.

Unfortunately, most docs disks are floppy disk with assembly menu that don't work on high end amiga with big processors or graphic cards and often text files are crunched.

I have spent some of my available free time to make:

LSD, LOON, SPRINT, SCIENCE 451, MA-GA and GAME'S PLAYER available on amigauide format and put them on AMINET. The first goal was to kept the exact content of the original disks and the second one was to make an index for all the files.

For founding the disks, I have used the Hipoonios site with all TOSEC disks available. Visit the following link:

The work done, Hipoonios decided to make a site with all my work available for download. Now, all my work could be found on:

The site is under construction and don't forget to sign the guestbook and rate this site if It is usefull for you. you could make on this site:

- read a special game manual
- download a special disks
- download the complete range allready installed in one file.
- site the guestbook or rate this site.


Hope now if someone search after a manual for one of his old game now installed with whdload, this person had now a chance to found the requested file with this work.

The personnal goal for me was also to help whdload team members for easily found a manual for an old or new whdload install.

All are allowed to take this work and use for their projects on internet.

Thanks for hipoonios for his great help and work for this project.
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