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Originally Posted by S0ulA55a551n View Post
The IDE speed is intriguing. How is this managed
I believe it's a software setting that activates PIO mode 4. The CF card or HDD needs to support it. You can find some info in the icomp wiki for the ACA 1233n (or ACA 500plus):

Just checking what's available on the icomp shop and all the 26MHz 1233n cards are now sold out. With them gone the new 1221LC at €149 makes sense as the 40MHz 1233n is €259. I can't find the post now, but Jen's said somewhere that the 1221LC were delayed due to a problem which meant all the boards had to be repaired/adjusted and this put the cost up; hence they are more expensive than the old 1221EC. Also, looking at the Sysinfo scores on the wiki, it does look like the LC had some optimisations as its scores are a little higher for comparable clock-speeds than the EC.
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