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Originally Posted by Zener View Post
The update is here, this new REDPILL build has some optimizations

-Action triggers have been optimized to speed up the object processing.
-Fixed possible error when using many audio files.
-Fixed game object icons failing to render in exported projects.
-Action trigger animation to angle was not working under certain conditions.
-Optimized memory used by objects when using REDPILLPlayer.
-Optimized chip memory used by objects when using REDPILLPlayer.
-CD32 Red button does not trigger Fire1 anymore.

Zener, The work you provide is great.
Thanks !

I noticed under Winuae 4.2.1 slowdowns under RedPill.
Under Winuae 2.5.1, no slowdown.
However, the configuration under the WB is the same.
Which version do you use?
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