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Last "Boxed" Amiga game you bought

I know there's new boxed games still been made today so list those as well if you like.

Most games back then were passed around pirated copies, but when something special we'd been waiting ages to be released came available, we'd save up and buy it. £30 for a 12 year old back in '93 was a lot of money, but we thought Mortal Kombat would be worth it, (well my mate Steven did anyway).

I didn't buy many games until late on when the Amiga Scene was near its end. The Amiga shelf in Electronic Boutique had been demoted to a small stand in the corner. But latest releases were still available.
My Last game I bought was either (I can't remember which) Alien Breed 3d2 TKG or Extreme Racing. I do remember the painful copy protection document for Alien Breed though using black ink on glossy black paper.

But what was the last (or last 2) Boxed games you bought for your Amiga?
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