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Heh. I do get that reference.. and occasionally someone does refer to it as the 'Scorpio Engine' rather than Scorpion.

I guess I'm well overdue for an update. I haven't been super productive lately, but the new IDE is coming along. Honestly, making an IDE was far easier than I assumed, but it's still frustrating and difficult at times.

I'm sort of using Unity as my inspiration - pretty much all assets (including Actor and Block data) are all separate files, which is handy for version control, as well as transferring assets between projects.

I've also done a bit of work on automating the creation of Tiled files - when I'm done, it should all be as simple as selecting "new level" from a menu and you'll have a completely configured level that you can start to populate, whereas before there was a fair bit of manual work involved. At some stage, I want to have a look at some rudimentary WinUAE support (so that opening WinUAE and immediately running the game is more or less just a button click in the editor)

I'm not too far away from getting the IDE posted to Github, but to start with it'll only support the Alex Kidd demo and its related functionality - it'll take a bit longer before the Zelda and Phoenix Wright demos are working again, and a little longer still before Backbone import is running again.
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