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Originally Posted by xubidoo View Post
Great video Glen, I won't spoil it for others by saying what happens here But im still baffled how you get over 5mps hard drive speed, im only getting around 2.5 on all drives/partitions , maybe I need to change some settings or something.
I noticed your running an old sysinfo, have u used the newer sysinfo 4? it gives a higher mips result than 3.24

im getting
Sysinfo 3.24 - 9.61 mips
Sysinfo 4.00 - 9.96 mips

Now the problem is which is more accurate lol
Thanks for the tip on sysinfo.

You might have noticed in the hardware help section of this forum but the overclock has since failed. All I get now is a black screen so I assume the CPU is dead. I'll fit a new CPU and hopefully get back up and running again but I'm really of 2 minds if to test the 120mhz crystal now. I will be adding a heatsink and fan just to be sure.

As for my HDD speeds the CF card is setup as shown in the xbench tutorial. All drives are setup and partitioned using PFS3. The CF card itself isn't anything special just a scandisk and the CF to IDE adaptor came with my TF328 from supaduper but I don't think its anything more than thr typical eBay offering.
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