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Pacomix 2 - Editor

Heya guys,

I've come across a really strange issue tonight and no idea how to fix... I've spent the last hour or so trying to resolve but

I wanted to try the game Pacomix 2

Grabbed the archive from Aminet...

If I extract into my "ClassicWB Lite 3.1" .HDF then all good

If I create a self-booting / bare-bones .HDF or even install a standard "Workbench 3.1" .HDF and extract the files, then the "Editor" won't load

I've used "SnoopDOS" and loaded the "Editor" on my "ClassicWB Lite 3.1" .HDF and there are no dependencies:

I'm really at a loss how to get the "Editor" to work? Never seen anything like this before that I haven't been able to solve...


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