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No, I didn't contact him.

I went trough the whole Protracker subdirectory on Modland and actually those tracks mentioned here are the only ones I considered as worth bothering. I think this is quite low percentage of tunes that triggered me at all.

Case of "Having not fun77000" by Terrax is quite interesting, because both productions listed there feature the same corrupted version. Since no one in almost 30 years bothered to find out how that nice melody in the second part of music actually sounds I took the scissors. I made fixes to the version I have downloaded from Modland but I have take a look at the other ones. Also that one downloaded from AMP, where ST-XX sample names are actually preserved.
I assumed 'minimum intervention' approach to not remix tunes for the authors, so I:
- replaced one completely unreadable lead sample with that I picked from ST-XX disks (I think it was ST-53\ledsynth). It is assumed because of the sample name 'st-00:lead sybth (C)', probably wrongly, but at least 'sits' in the music.
- shortened loops of pads that were partly corrupted just to ommit crackling parts
- denoted "my" version in the filename and sample name to warn people that this may be mutated version

"Wings of freedom" by Thorin didn't left too many clues what sounds was actually lost so I transplanted it from other sample within that module and modulated it a little with Protracker's native effects. This is probably more distant from original but at least cracks and glitches doesn't distract from the rest of quite nice tune.

So I don't think I influenced authors original intention more than it was crushed by corrupted data. I've just made it baerable to listen. And if correct versions pop up somewhere I will happily replace them in my collection.
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