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Originally Posted by Steril707 View Post
It's not about being touchy, it's about being told those things above because one dude promises you guys the world ("now the Amiga can compete with the SNES and will rise from the ashes"), like some kind of cult leader.

Let's see about how much of this what he told you happens in the next half of a year.
i dunno... i saw the game running on a real amiga and amigabill said the controls are really tight. it also looks like a real console game. Its OCS!

Cult leader is a bit much isnt it? I know this is EAB and all but cant some of us get excited and hopeful about these developments?

Hes a passionate guy and has put some amazing work out there. (unless i dreamt amigabills stream?). The other games were pretty astounding too with the transparencies and parallax etc.

if im gushing abit its because someone hes made, whats looks like, a scrolling beatem up that isnt a steaming pile of crap. Something the other coders ive asked dont usually want to touch on the amiga or the c64, either because they don't like the genre or that its too much of a challenge.

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