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Originally Posted by XsamX1987 View Post
Ok Makes Sense, here is a screenshot from a manual from Benq on the Display modes.
Basically no modern LCDs will list 50Hz for vertical sync. My Phillips 17 inch 5:4 LCD/LED modern screen which I use on my A1200/AGA MK2 combo just happened to work with 50Hz at 30KHz +. The AGA MK2 does not support vsync so the scrolling will never be 100% smooth even if you find a working setting around 50Hz. But by finetuning I managed to get it 95% smooth with just a small stutter now and then. This involves alot of finetuning and will vary from screen to screen. So even if your screen happened to support close to 50Hz I could not help you because of all the finetuning that would be required for your particular screen. This is alot of trial and error and spending alot of time. Also, when doing this you should also have another screen ready which is connected to RGB/composite or other means than AGA MK2. This is because you can get a black screen while messing with the settings which will not come back after a restart.
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