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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
Games hardly ever use the Amiga's full resolution like you have configured for your workbench. They will always be all over the place, not centered, sometimes only 200 pixels high and so on.

For USA games under WHDLoad, you can configure the game icon's tool types to include NTSC so that they will display as the developers intended, filling more of the screen.

Many European games run squashed like that by design, PAL resolutions but only 200 lines used of the screen.. Some are not NTSC compatible even though they run in a 200 line resolution.

You will naturally need to configure indi aga mk2 + your monitor for NTSC modes as well.

Think about the early European Amiga users with PAL machines (not switchable to NTSC mode) and TV sets where you couldn't adjust the picture size / position. Every USA game was squashed with 56 blank lines in the bottom. This is how the hardware was like.
Thank you for getting back to me, Think I understand most of what you're saying

can you tell me exactly what I need to change on the config tool for my indi aga mk2

And where do I go to change this setting on WHD load?

just added 3 more screenshots They are indivision config overscan and screen mode pref

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